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BC Medicine Centres Invests in Kindness for a Different kind of Return

posted on 11:41 AM, January 28, 2010

Today an estimated sixty percent of Canadians live within 5 kilometers of a big box pharmacy. With a staggering number of new store openings expected in 2010, hundreds of local businesses struggle to compete.  Medicine Centre is a BC based operation of independent pharmacies.  As owners and operators of community oriented pharmacies, the company has been forced to operate in an increasingly competitive landscape.   However their ability to exist and compete among the big box is due in part to a simple philosophy – kindness.  The concept of kindness to fellow community members is a guiding principle at Medicine Centre’s.  Like something out of another era, local pharmacists take the time to understand health and family histories and arrive at the best possible health solution.  This year, Medicine Centre locations have taken their commitment to a new level by recognizing kindness in the workplace with a program called Kindness Really Matters.

According to Deborah Kerr, General Manager of Medicine Centre pharmacies, “this unique program is designed to recognize kindness in the community and promote a pay-it-forward mentality in both personal and professional life ”. 

This year’s latest story came from Peachland Valley First Credit Union employee, Aryn Driedger.  After being nominated by a colleague Medicine Centres honored the young woman for personifying the very philosophy that found to be at the core of their success.

In August 2009, 93-year-old, Helen McLaughlan, walked for two hours to an appointment at her local credit union.    

“Helen looked so exhausted,” says Aryn.  “I felt bad that she had walked so far in the heat with the aide of a walker.  When I found out she had to walk home again I wanted to do something to help.”  So, after checking with her boss, she offered to drive Helen home.  Helen admits she was appreciative of the offer and says it was “very, very kind”.

Aryn’s kindness didn’t stop there.  Realizing her colleagues would have to cover for her work, she made an additional pit stop to grab refreshing iced-coffees for everyone as a thank-you.

Months later Aryn’s colleague remembered this story and entered a submission at her local Medicine Centre pharmacy.

“What Aryn provided is service that really goes above and beyond,” says Deborah Kerr.  “With our Kindness Really Matters Program we honor and celebrate this with a $1,000 donation to the Salvation Army and another $1,000 going to the Peachland Food Bank.  Our hope is that Medicine Centres will inspire other businesses to adopt a philosophy of kindness so that other Aryn Driedgers of the world can build stronger communities.”

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