Andreen's Medicine Centre

Andreen’s Medicine Centre has a long history in West Kelowna and is now part of the growing development at Lakeview Village.

Our pharmacists provide professional services including medication reviews, smoking cessation, and immunization administration and are available to help individuals select appropriate non-prescription medications. Our team will also blister-pack medications and deliver prescriptions.

Our nurse provides foot care with a medical focus. This includes nail care, lower leg assessments, and diabetic foot care as well as recommendations for pressure-relieving foot care products.  She will also assist with wound care, referrals to community nursing services, and updates to physicians for client-related medical management.

We also have certified compression stocking fitters on staff to ensure our clients receive the correct product for their needs.

  • Mobility aids
  • A full line of cough/cold remedies and pain relief
  • Personal hygiene products


Visit Andrreen's Pharmacy's  website for more information, products and services by clicking here:  andreen's pharmacy


Pharmacy Services

 Health Programs

 Nursing Services
  • Medically focused foot care
  • Diabetic foot assessment and care
  • Wound care
  • Injections
  • Suture removal 

Andreen's Medicine Centre is licensed by the College of Pharmacists of BC. The pharmacy manager is Brian Smith. Pharmacy practice issues may be reported directly to the College of Pharmacists of BC via their website.

College of Pharmacists of BC Website