Central Drug Store (Bowen)

Central Drugs, a pharmacy whose roots stretch all the way back to 1892 in Nanaimo, brings an old fashioned mindset to its Bowen location. The store boasts a bright and airy ambiance, and despite their constant filling of prescriptions its well-trained staff are always happy to emerge from behind the counter to discuss products, health concerns, or simply chat about community events with customers. The Bowen store exemplifies pharmacist manager/owner Russell Beales’ belief that modern drug stores “should have the best of both worlds: the latest in products and services, and staff who are thoughtful and attentive.”


Long-time customers view Central Drugs at Bowen as the ideal store for home health care supplies and a wide range of disease management products. But it’s also a great place to play the lottery and purchase beer and wine kits. One item is conspicuously absent at Bowen, however. “We haven’t sold any tobacco products for at least 15 years now,” says Beales. “We’re a lot of things to a lot of people, but the one thing they can always be guaranteed of is that we have their best health interests in mind.”

  • Diabetic supplies
  • Lottery machine
  • Beer and wine making supplies


Central Drugs at Bowen is a registered compounding facility that enables its pharmacists to develop extremely effective tailor-made medications for customers at their request and with their input. But although Central Drugs is focused on health care with services like compliance packaging and extensive prescription-filling being the norm, at heart it’s really a small-town store that, thanks to a post office and other non-health-related services, strives to simplify the daily routine of locals!

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Central Drug Store (Bowen) is licensed by the College of Pharmacists of BC. The pharmacy manager is Mark Rogers. Pharmacy practice issues may be reported directly to the College of Pharmacists of BC via their website.

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