Central Drug Store (Bowen)

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When you come into a Central Drugs, customer care is what matters to us.
We care about your health and well-being at each of our 7 Central Island pharmacy locations and have done so since 1892.

Short Wait Times
Don’t waste your precious time waiting. Central Drugs pride ourselves on being prompt and efficient.

Accessible Pharmacists
We take the time to provide a friendlier, more personalized approach to improving your healthcare.

Free Prescription Delivery
We believe in creating healthy relationships one patient at a time… and one delivery at a time.

Our Pharmacists
Central Drugs cares about your health and we take the time to provide a friendlier, more personalized approach to healthcare.  You can choose your doctor, so why not choose your pharmacist too?  Each Central Island pharmacy location is owned and operated by a pharmacist who has a unique specialty.  Learn more about our pharmacists and choose someone right for you. 


Long-time customers view Central Drugs at Bowen as the ideal store for home health care supplies and a wide range of disease management products. But it’s also a great place to play the lottery and purchase beer and wine kits. 

  • Diabetic supplies
  • Lottery machine
  • Beer and wine making supplies


Central Drugs at Bowen is a registered compounding facility that enables its pharmacists to develop extremely effective tailor-made medications for customers at their request and with their input. But although Central Drugs is focused on health care with services like compliance packaging and extensive prescription-filling being the norm, at heart it’s really a small-town store that, thanks to a post office and other non-health-related services, strives to simplify the daily routine of locals!

Pharmacy Services

Health Programs

Free Delivery

Post Office

Central Drug Store (Bowen) is licensed by the College of Pharmacists of BC. The pharmacy manager is Mark Rogers. Pharmacy practice issues may be reported directly to the College of Pharmacists of BC via their website.

College of Pharmacists of BC Website