Similkameen Pharmacy

Since its foundation in December 2002, Similkameen Pharmacy has come to play an integral part in the health care of residents of the Similkameen Valley. For well over a decade, the patient care focus of the pharmacy team has benefited clients and earned their trust.  In February 2016, Similkameen Pharmacy moved to the corner site in the same building to accommodate our teams desire to focus on clinical services.  Emma Kim, pharmacist, has joined our clinically focused team, which includes Pharmacy Manager Connie Chan and Registered Pharmacy Technician Selena Despres as the backbone of the business. Our goal for our new location is to provide exceptional pharmaceutical care.  To help us achieve this goal, we have changed our workflow so that each client is given the opportunity to interact with the pharmacist at the beginning of the prescription filling process.  This gives the pharmacist and the patient excellent opportunity for improved understanding, expectation and accuracy of drug therapy.


Choosing the right non-prescription medication for you is important to the care team and a pharmacist is always available for consultation. In our expanded location we have the room to serve our patients more effectively with regularly available products including:

  • Minor ailment products
  • Specialized wound care dressings and bandages,
  • Nebulizer supplies
  • Catheters
  • Incontinence products
  • Orthopaedic support devices


The skilled staff at Similkameen Pharmacy aim to provide care oriented services to their clients. Medication Review Services are a priority for excellent patient care and our pharmacists are skilled at offering this service to help ensure safe, appropriate and optimal drug therapy for our clients.  The importance of compliance is just one area where we can take the guess work out of taking medication by offering customized blister packaging of your medication regimen.

Communication can be a barrier in health care services. At Similkameen Pharmacy, we recognize the importance of understanding and being understood.  We are very fortunate to have staff members who are competent in English, French, Chinese and Spanish and are available to help bridge that gap when appropriate.

Similkameen Pharmacy offers a spectrum of immunization services. Whether traveling abroad or simply wishing protection against the flu, patients can consult with our pharmacists to become up to date with their vaccine requirements, fill their vaccine prescriptions and get their injections onsite.

Selena in now a certified stocking fitter and is able to accurately supply compression stockings as prescribed for our customers to prevent and treat their vascular needs.  In keeping with a focus on cardiovascular health, Selena has been hosting a walking club.  The benefits of walking go well beyond cardiovascular health and Selena likes the sense of community and caring that this club contributes to.  Contact Selena for more information on dates and times.

Finally, Emma is giving small educational presentations to community members on health related topics of current interest. There are lots to know beyond the medications you are taking. 

Pharmacy Services

Similkameen Pharmacy is licensed by the College of Pharmacists of BC. The pharmacy manager is Connie Chan. Pharmacy practice issues may be reported directly to the College of Pharmacists of BC via their website.

College of Pharmacists of BC Website