BC Medications Return Program

Don't throw out your expired or unused medication - return it to one of our pharmacies!

Unused medications can pose a significant health, safety and environmental hazard when improperly stored or disposed of.  The B.C. Medications Return Program has been in place since 1996. This program allows the public to return (at no charge) unused or expired medications to participating pharmacies in the province.
When you drop off your medications, you'll not only ensure they're disposed of properly – you'll also keep them out of the wrong hands, preventing abuse or accidental ingestion – and protecting our environment in the process.
Medications Return Program is administered by the Health Products Stewardship Association.
Products that can be returned include:
  • All prescription drugs,
  • Over-the-counter Medications, and
  • Natural Health Products in oral dosage form
Before returning you medication please remove any personal identification such as your name.   
For more information please visit: www.healthsteward.ca