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Ray Gaucher’s West End Medicine Centre is distinct from the competition in that his pharmacy specializes in key areas. “We’ve built up a comprehensive ostomy care centre, we also service 400 long-term care beds in the Lower Mainland, and we pride ourselves on our dispensary, which I like to think is second to none,” he says. The West End Medicine Centre caters to health care, pure and simple, and it’s staffed with highly-educated and trained professionals who deliver that care efficiently. “No shopping for household supplies here,” laughs the amiable Ray. “We leave that kind of stuff to the big boxes.”


If you’re sick or need treatment or advice, come to West End Medicine Centre. That may sound trite, but that’s the essence of Ray’s business. “Other than ostomy supplies and over the counter medications, we don’t stock much by way of products – maybe a few feet of candies and baby powder, and that’s it,” says Ray. “We’re not a shopping centre. We’re here to treat people – and frankly, we do a pretty good job of it.”

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Ray, who purchased West End in 1971 shortly before he graduated pharmacy school, sought early on to develop services that were badly needed in the community. Pharmacies that provide ostomy products and fittings are nothing new, but Ray has taken it to a new level: one third of his business is focused on this specialty, and in-store nurses and therapists serve an estimated 1,400 ostomy patients from across the Lower Mainland. Equal resources are devoted to the long term care beds. “In a nutshell, we provide superior clinical services and are devoted to enhancing the lives and wellbeing of all our customers,” says Ray.

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West End Medicine Centre is licensed by the College of Pharmacists of BC. The pharmacy manager is Mark Labonte. Pharmacy practice issues may be reported directly to the College of Pharmacists of BC via their website.

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